Depletion Method of Depreciation

12/08/2008 23:26


Depletion Method of Depreciation:

Learning Objectives:

  1. What is depletion method of depreciation? Explain with example.

Depletion method of depreciation is especially suited to mines, quarries, sand pits, etc. According to it the cost of the asset is divided by the total workable deposits. In this way, rate of depreciation per unit of output is ascertained. Depreciation in any particular year is charged on the basis of the output during that year.


A mine was acquired at a cost of $20,00,000 the quantity of minerals expected to be mined is 5,00,000 tons, the rate of depreciation per unit will be $4 i.e., (20,00,000 / 5,00,000). If during the year 25,000 tons minerals is extracted, the amount of depreciation will be 25,000 × 4 = $1,00,000.